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Parasailing in Gulf Shores — Take Your Senses for a Ride

by Chris Chatelain on May 16th, 2018

Parasailing in Gulf ShoresImagine you’re a bird soaring above the sparkling Gulf of Mexico, just where the waters meet the white-sand beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. What would you see? Maybe schools of fish swimming below, or a pod of dolphins playing a few hundred feet under your toes. Perhaps you’d catch a glimpse of sea turtles nesting onshore, or see families sunbathing on the beach.

The area around Gulf Shores and nearby Orange Beach is chock-full of natural beauty and Civil War history that is spectacular viewed from ground level – but imagine seeing it from a vantage point several hundred feet above. And while the breeze might feel great from the balcony of your Gulf Shores vacation rental, envision a scenario in which you could be flying on the breeze yourself.

Young couple parasailing togetherAll of the above are parts of a parasailing experience in Gulf Shores. You’ll enjoy the thrills without the spills of water skiing or jet-skiing. Parasailing is like being inside a flying kite. Unlike a ride in a small plane or helicopter, there is no metal frame or floor to obstruct your views of the landscape beneath you. Your peripheral sight isn’t blocked by walls, either, as it would be if you were enjoying the sights from your condo’s balcony. Parasailing offers unobstructed panoramic views.

So how does parasailing work? It’s much like water skiing, but instead of being pulled behind a boat on a piece of wood or fiberglass, thrill seekers are secured into a harness and lofted into the air in a kite/hang glider setup. Actually, it’s a specially designed parachute. Called a parasail wing, it’s attached to a high-strength rope or cord, which is attached to the back deck of a boat. As the boat accelerates, the parasail is slowly and gently lifted into the air. A typical parasail rope is 800 feet long, and the parasailer will be lifted about 400 to 500 feet for a breathtaking vantage point above the beach and water.

Booking Your Gulf Shores Parasailing Adventure

Most companies that provide parasailing adventures in Gulf Shores have boats that accommodate several people at a time. Passengers take turns parasailing, with each group getting about 15 minutes’ time in the air. Parasail wings can accommodate one, two, or in some cases, three, riders at a time. Prices start at about $60 to $65. If you are visiting Gulf Shores in busy June, July, or August, it’s a good idea to book your trip a few days ahead to ensure a spot. For local companies that offer parasailing adventures, visit our links at Other Things To Do in Gulf Shores and Other Things To Do in Orange Beach.

Where To Stay While You’re in Town

Visit us online to find hotels, condos, and beach houses in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. Many of our rentals can be booked online, and we never charge any additional fees!

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