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Beach Essentials You Need For The Perfect Day

by Julia Sayers Gokhale on November 8th, 2023

What do you need for a perfect day at the beach? Well, outside of sun, sand, and ocean waves, there are a few essential items you should take along with you. You know you need towels, sunscreen, a beach chair, and a good book, but we’re here to suggest some fun upgrades of those items — and then some! Here are 10 beach essentials that will ensure you have a day packed with fun in the sun!

Top 10 Beach Essentials List

1. Sand-Free Towel: There’s nothing worse than getting out of the water, grabbing your towel to dry off, and figuring out it’s covered in sand. Ditch the classic beach towel in favor of a sand-free towel. You can find them on Amazon or from Sand Cloud, an online store that offers sand-free towels in a large variety of cute patterns.

2. Sand Coaster: Stop sticking your drink in the sand by investing in a sand coaster instead. These plastic drink holders anchor into the sand so you don’t have to worry about your drink tipping over or taking a swig of sand. They can also hold your phone or sunglasses!

3. Corkcicle Canteen: Corkcicle Canteens are the new Yetis. They come in so many fun colors perfect for the beach and keep cold drinks cold for 25 hours (and hot drinks hot for 12 hours). Not to mention, the 25-ounce bottles can hold an entire bottle of wine…

4. Water Resistant Earbuds: Don’t be that person playing their music so loudly that everyone can hear it. Be courteous to others and opt for a private concert via wireless earbuds instead. Get bang for your buck with these water resistant earbuds in a cute, sea green color.

5. Bogg Bag: Forget your cloth tote beach bag and opt for a Bogg Bag instead. These sturdy bags are washable, durable, and tip-proof! You can load it up with everything you need for a day at the beach knowing it won’t fall over in the sand. Each Bogg Bag also comes with clear insert bags in which you can store items like money or your phone.

6. Reef-Safe Sunscreen: When it comes to sunscreen, you should be thinking not only about what you put on your body, but what goes into the ocean. There has been a push for all-natural, reef-safe sunscreen to protect our environment. In fact, some places like Hawaii and Key West don’t even sell sunscreen that’s not reef-safe. Here are a few brands to look for: Kokua Sun Care, Sun Bum, Raw Elements and Banana Boat.

7. Beach Hat: Floppy straw beach hats are all the rage: they look cute and they cast a wide net of shade protection over you. Especially fun these days are beach hats with cursive writing on them in funny sayings like Beach Please and Do Not Disturb.

8. Sunglasses: Make sure you have polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes from the bright sun glaring on the sand and water. One good, affordable, and stylish brand with tons of options is Quay sunglasses.

9. Cooler: You already have a way to keep your drink cool, but make sure all your refills and snacks also stay cool in a trendy and functional cooler. A backpack cooler is always a great option to keep your hands free, and this one from Corkcicle is as stylish as it is functional.

10. Inflatable Beach Lounger: Let’s be honest, sitting in a beach chair isn’t always the most comfortable. Instead, why not try an inflatable beach lounger? These air-filled portable “sofas” don’t even require a pump to inflate. They can fit two people sitting and are super comfortable for one person to lie in. Plus, they fold up into a little bag that you can easily toss in your big beach bag or over your shoulder.

We hope our list of beach essentials will help you plan ahead to enjoy the perfect day at the beach. Be sure to visit our website to find Gulf Coast beach vacation rentals. We have vacation planners available seven days a week to answer questions or help you with your reservations.

This article was originally written by Julia and updated periodically by BeachGuide staff.

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