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A Real Pain-In-The-Neck

by The Hometown Tourist on October 25th, 2010

I’m a big believer that the right person is put into your path at the right time in life for a particular reason.   I have two such people that I’m referring to in this blog, both whom saved me from my big, pain-in-the-neck kinda month.     About a month ago, I literally had a huge pain in the neck.   Not sure what happened but my body was not acting right. During one of these weeks, I was meeting with a friend of mine who happen to work for Fusion Spa and Salon in the Sandestin area.   We were meeting for other reasons but while chatting, that huge pain in my neck reminded me to ask her about massage services.   She proceeded to tell me the services that were available and a quick run-down of how it worked.   After her recommendation, I called immediately and asked to get an appointment for the first available massage.   They were able to squeeze me in the next day for a 30-minute massage after I mentioned I was desperate for an appointment and would take anything.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by two friendly girls and promptly checked-in.   My massage guru (her name was Jill and I will refer to her as my guru for the rest of this blog as that’s the term I felt she earned!) came out to greet me and I gave her a briefing of my neck pains.   She gave me a run-down of the game plan and I jumped under the covers of the massage bed ready to be healed.   The first step was to pick my scent of massage oil.   Fusion is an Aveda salon and I was very comfortable with the selection of oils and choose sandalwood.   (Sidenote:   I had a massage at another location about a year ago.   My massage oil scent selection was repulsive.   I chose the best of the 3 choices and I think it was starfruit and melon.   Ick!   It’s hard to relax when you’re being rubbed down with an energizing fruit scent).   Love sandalwood.   Hate starfruit! We talked briefly about the affected area and my guru went right to work, kneading out all sorts of knots under my shoulder blade which apparently is connected to something in the neck.   I’d give you a better explanation but I was a business major and avoided anatomy class!   She explained to me points of connection, what she needed to do, and post massage stretches and follow-up advice.   The 30-minutes flew by but I tell you, I walked out the door (or more likely swayed because my body was so relaxed) feeling better than I had in months.

I’ll certainly be visiting my guru again soon and may even splurge for a pedicure!

Wish you were here!

~The Hometown Tourist

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  1. Great blog! I like how everything is well written. I will be back to check for new posts. Thanks!!

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