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What To Pack for the Beach

by S. Lynne on July 17th, 2013

Beach umbrella and other things to pack for the beachWhile you don’t need a whole lot of stuff for a trip to the beach, it still pays to put a little thought into what you’re packing. Otherwise, you’ll either end up lugging too many pairs of shoes or discovering when you arrive that you’ve forgotten something basic like suntan lotion or your bathing suit. Following are our suggestions for a beach vacation packing list:

— Two to three bathing suits per person (so suits can dry out between wearings)

— Waterproof sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher)

— Flip-flops or other waterproof sandals (for the whole family – yes, Dad, too!)

— Pair of dressier shoes for evenings out

— Beach cover-ups

— Beach bags

— Beach towels (two per person)

— Baseball caps or wide-brimmed hats

— Sunglasses, eyeglasses, and contact lenses

— Books and magazines

— Your favorite music

— Cell phones and chargers

— Laptop and charger

— Travel-size toiletries

— Hair dryer

— Cash, credit cards, driver’s license or other photo I.D.

— Prescriptions and other medications

— Medical insurance cards

— Cooler with drinks and snacks

— An umbrella (for rain)

— Beach umbrellas and folding chairs (check first with your rental manager to see if one is provided)

— Beach toys (Frisbee, volleyball, bucket and shovel, kite, floats) – especially important if the kids are going along

— Goggles and optionally a net and snorkel gear

— Golf or fishing equipment

— An outfit or two to wear away from the beach (for restaurant meals, sightseeing, etc.), including a lightweight sweater or jacket

— Workout clothes, athletic shoes, and socks (if you’re planning to work out)


If you’re traveling with Baby, you’ll also want:

— Collapsible stroller and car seat

— Baby wipes and diapers

— Formula, baby food, bottles

— Travel-size bathing supplies

— Bibs and pacifiers

— Lightweight, long-sleeved cotton tops and bottoms

— Brimmed sun hat

Renting a Beach House or Condo? Here’s What You Need To Bring Along

Rental condos and houses often supply only  the bare essentials. Thankfully, these days, you’ll almost always find a coffeemaker and blender! But to meet your needs during your vacation, consider packing or buying the following items to make your stay more comfortable:

– Salt, pepper, staples, and favorite condiments

– Dishwashing liquid and a sponge

– Extra dishwasher detergent

– Paper towels and napkins

– Zip-top bags. (Essential for leftovers and packing sandwiches and snacks for the beach.)

– Aluminum foil and plastic wrap

– Garbage bags. You can never have enough of these.

– Laundry detergent.

– Regular-size bar soap. (Those small bars don’t do the job.)

– Shampoo and conditioner

– Toilet paper

– Hangars

– Extra ice

And when it comes to planning where to stay, where to eat, and what to do, make sure you check our website for Gulf Coast beach vacation rentals, restaurants, and things to do.

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  1. You made a good point that packing a music player would indeed be important when traveling to the beach because the drive tends to get boring. I’m currently looking for a beachfront vacation rental in order to plan out my honeymoon with my future husband. Our wedding was postponed this year so having more time to plan out the honeymoon is perhaps one good thing that came out of this pandemic.

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