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Enjoy a free night, stunning views, and fascinating marine life at Jetty East in Destin

by Chris Chatelain on May 1st, 2015

Jetty East Condominiums in DestinSure, relaxing and soaking up the sun on shimmering sands is always near the top of the list when taking a beach vacation to Destin, Florida. But there’s a lot you’ll miss if you just keep your toes planted in the sand.

Think the fun and adventure end at the water’s edge? Well, think again.

From your amazing accommodations at Jetty East, you can take a short walk out to the Destin East Pass and the jetties to find an entire day’s worth of activities the whole family will enjoy.

Kids snorkeling by the Destin jettiesBring along some equipment like your snorkeling gear or a fishing pole and you’re in for some of the most scenic vacation fun you’ll ever have. Dip your fins in and dive into the tranquil turquoise water and explore the underwater realm through a different perspective — as if through a fish’s eye.

Jetties are manmade “fingers” of rock that protect the Pass that connects the Choctawhatchee Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. While they certainly serve a protective function, they also serve as an artificial reef, providing an attractive home for a variety of sea life. Above the water, the jetties appear to be simply a pile of rocks, but the submerged portion of the jetties is where things really come to life.

Crab found snorkeling by Destin jetties

Crab found snorkeling by Destin jetties

Most of the area is filled with shallow water and a broad expanse of ocean floor made up of clean, quartz sand. However, the algae-covered jetties attract eclectic marine life that put on a show like a technicolor movie beneath the water’s surface. Snorkelers won’t have to look hard at all to glimpse invertebrates such as blue crabs, hermit crabs, and even the occasional octopus coming out of their hiding places within the crevices in the rocks. There’s also fish aplenty down there, as you’ll see sheepshead, small snapper, puffer fish, and deep-sea visitors such as grouper and barracuda. You might even spot some dolphins playing in the area, and might have an exciting interaction with these marvelous mammals.

Just be sure to time your snorkeling adventure to coincide with high tide, which brings in clear Gulf water and all the marine life that comes with it. So grab your gear, and it’s game on for some low-cost aquatic adventure.

Fishing from the Destin Jetties

Fishing from the Destin jetties

Or, if you would rather stay above the waterline, it’s hard to beat fishing from the jetties. You’ll have a magnificent view of the Gulf, the beaches, and the Pass while dipping your line in the water. Think you need to charter a boat to catch the best fish in Destin? Nah. Just wade out to the jetties, and you’ve got a shot at netting some of these popular saltwater fish:

Redfish, Bluefish, Pompano, Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Sheepshead, Ladyfish, Grouper, Snapper, Flounder, Bonito, Baitfish

Don’t forget to secure a Florida Fishing License (available at Wal-Mart and sporting good stores), and be sure to consult area experts/guides for the specific poles, reels, hooks, and jigs needed for the type of fish you want to target.

No boat or fancy, high-tech fish-locating gadgets needed here. Basic equipment will do to catch fish. Oh, and those sun rays bouncing off the water can really do a number on fair skin, so don’t forget to bring along the sun block…or else the fish you catch won’t be the only thing that is fried!

Current Special: Stay 3 Nights, Get 4th Night Free at Jetty East

Fish isn’t the only thing you’ll catch with a stay at Jetty East in Destin, Florida. You’ll net some serious savings as well. Currently, when you book a four-night stay at Jetty East, you’ll only pay for three nights. Yep, you read that correct — from now through May 20, 2015, you’ll enjoy a free night when you book a stay of four nights!

So book now and dive in for savings, stunning views below the water, and fantastic fishing from the rocky jetties. Jetty East vacation rentals in Destin offer easy access to pristine beaches, as well as beach volleyball and balconies with stunning views of the sun setting over the gorgeous Gulf of Mexico.

Choose from 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-bedroom units with fully-equipped kitchens, a Gulfside pool for swimming and sunbathing, tennis courts, and much more.

What are you waiting for? Pack up the family and the car, and head down to Destin for some work rehabilitation.

Snorkeling at the Destin Jetties

Snorkeling by the Destin Jetties, just a short walk from Jetty East Condominiums.



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