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Goody Goody Gumdrops! 32 More Reasons to Visit Destin

by The Hometown Tourist on August 10th, 2011

We always want what we can’t have.   We have curly hair, we want straight hair.   We don’t have enough time, we have too much time.   Is there ever a happy medium?   I may contemplate these thoughts til the end of time, but, on Saturday, I found my answer to the ongoing debate of whether it’s better to be hot or cold.   I’m not one for cold winters but I don’t particularly enjoy when the temperature reaches over the 100 degree mark.   And recently, the weather has been hot.   I mean, real hot.   I was driving down highway 98 feeling exhausted from the heat when I saw a sign.   Not a proverbial sign, THE SIGN.   The sign that indicated that 32 Degrees of coldness awaited me across the highway!   Gasp!   The perfect combination of cold on a hot summer’s day.   Here’s how I achieved enlightenment:

(step 1)   I pulled a NASCAR maneuver across the highway (not recommended!) and surprised my tweens with a quick stop for frozen yogurt.

Step 2:   Proceed to toppings bar

This is where the magic happens.   Two toppings bars just like the one below, line the side wall.   This is where I had to practice self restraint.   Remember Pavlov’s Law?   My mouth was literally watering upon looking at the toppings.   Serious.   Eye.   Candy.


I made sure to balance my cup-o-yummy with some sliced strawberries and almonds so that I could rationalize adding the chocolate syrup and whip cream.

We left there happy, sugared-up, and a heck-of-a-lot cooler!   Yummy times to be had near your Destin Vacation Rental.

Wish you were here!

-The Hometown Tourist

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