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Healthy Guide to Beach Vacations

by The Hometown Tourist on May 12th, 2010

Today I talked to Colleen, my friend/personal trainer/nutritionist about fun, family activities to do while on vacation at the beach.   Sure, we all love the beach, but there is so much to see and do on Northwest Florida’s Gulf Coast.   We came up with this idea to write today’s posting on how to incorporate family fitness and health into your vacation while enjoying the scenic landscape the Gulf Coast offers.   If you’re staying on Hwy 30-A , pack a picnic basket full of Healthy family snack ideas(download your copy free here) and Stop by Big Daddy’s Bike Shop in Blue Mountain Beach, FL and rent bikes for the whole family.   Bike down Scenic Highway 30-A.   There’s a bike path that runs the length of 30-A right next to the beach.   I’ve run a few 5K races in this area and let me tell you, the view of the water is breathtaking.   Actually, this must be the reason I ran so slow!   Yes, that’s it!   It was the view, I knew it wasn’t because I don’t prepare for these races!   As I was saying, take this path to Grayton Beach State Park for your family picnic.   The state park offers a 4 mile off-road path, canoeing and kayaking on Western Lake, hiking through coastal dunes and pine flatwoods, and of course, swimming!   By this time, your children should be fully worn out and ready to rest for the evening.   And you, my fellow parents, will feel satisfied knowing you have created happy, healthy memories with your family.

Here’s some info on Colleen and John, the dynamic duo helping your family have a fun and healthy vacation.   They help the healthy minded vacationer stay on track.   There’s no need to trap yourself in a smelly gym, they use the natural beauty of the surrounding areas, which is what brought you here in the first place. They bring everything you need to torch those extra calories consumed on vacation.   They have programs designed for one-on-one training, or if you brought your workout buddy (or family) we have programs designed for groups as well.   Feel free to check out our website at or contact us (850)598-4663, or or

Happy, healthy vacation everyone!

Wish you were here!

-The Hometown Tourist

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