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Seaside Rocks

by The Hometown Tourist on June 2nd, 2010

I spent Friday night of Memorial weekend   in Seaside, FL and it rocked!   Not just because it was Seaside, but because Seaside is one of the local resorts that host free outdoor concerts during the summer.   Last weekend, a local band called Heritage performed and they happen to be one of my favorite bands.   I’m partially biased as I know three of the guys in the band and they are the only three guys I know that are actually in a band, so that makes them one of my faves!   Seriously though, they are fantastic and have this way of engaging the crowd, but in a subdued manner.   As in, you can talk with your friends and family comfortably and still hear a great beat/lyrics in the background.

We walked across the street and ordered takeout from the Taco Bar.   If you haven’t been, put this on the vacay itinerary.   It’s a small little beach shack serving up amazing tacos and burritos.   We walked our tacos back to our chairs and plopped down for a picnic.

These events are family friendly and cooler friendly, two things that I enjoy!   The kiddos ran around entertaining each other with their light-up toys and bubbles and the adults sipped on wine.   Does life get any better than the Seaside life?!   I had to stop and think if I really lived here or if I was on vacation.   After this thought passed, I smiled to myself and thought “if this question really just crossed my mind, life is good today”.

Wish you were here!

-The Hometown Tourist

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