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Tour de’ 30A

by The Hometown Tourist on December 29th, 2010

I have an old friend who was a Florida transplant (military) and relocated to Germany.   A few weekends ago, the once flip-flop-wearing friend returned to the beach for a short visit.   As the Hometown Tourist, I felt it my obligation and delight to give my friend an official Tour de’ 30A.   Our plan was to eat and drink {if I could accidentally stumble upon a few boutiques, shop} our way down 30A.!   Next time your tummy growls, visit a few of these Highway 30A restaurants.   Or, do what we did.   Hop in the car and create your own Tour de’ 30A.

First Stop- Stinky’s Fish Camp

I received a tip that Stinky’s had some of the best oysters on 30A.       We bellied up to the bar and ordered 2 draft beers and a dozen oysters.   The menu listed approximately five different varieties of oysters (i.e. Rockafeller, charbroiled, etc) but I’m a classic kind of girl and ordered them raw.     Seriously, check out these beauties.   Freshly shucked and oh so delicious.   My only regret?   Not ordering another dozen.

Next Stop:   The Red Bar

If this front door looks familiar, it’s because it’s one of the hottest spots on 30A, The Red Bar.   We arrived between lunch and dinner so the dining room was empty but the bar was full of locals looking for conversation.   I ran into a few friends of mine and made small talk with a few new friends.

Third Stop: Hibiscus House

Although my favorite breakfast shop was closed, we had to pull over and I gave my friend a walking tour of the Bed and Breakfast and restaurant and the daily changing sign on how to “be”.   There are few things that bring a warm-and-fuzzy feeling to me these days, but this is one of them.

Second To Last Stop:   La Crema, Rosemary Beach

Wine, tapas and chocolate.   Need I say more?   Oh, yes, I should say more.   The ambiance is just as amazing as the food.   Very W Hotel’esque.

Final Stop:   A drive through the center of Rosemary Beach

Nothing says holiday like warm, holiday lights.   Evening’s in Rosemary Beach are absolutely stunning during Christmas.

What a beautiful way to end the Tour de’ 30A.

Happy Holidays and wish you were here!

-The Hometown Tourist

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