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YOLO your way across the bay

by The Hometown Tourist on May 19th, 2010

There is a new activity sweeping the beaches of Northwest Florida and I had to test it out for myself.   I borrowed a YOLO Board and headed to the bay.   I could count on the water in the bay being shallow and I feared a dramatic wipe out the first time I tried to stand up.   The trick is, you start off on your knees and once you feel steady, stand up on the board and start your paddle trip.   To my surprise, I fell off only twice and not for a lack of ability .   I was servery whooping-up-on my friend (I hope he’s not reading this as he may disagree!) and I turned back to talk to him, lost my balance, and took a tumble off the board.   After a speedy recovery, I jumped back on my board and we paddled for a good three miles.   As we paddled, we marveled at stingrays and random fish passing underneath our boards.   I was particularly in awe over the stingray as it seemed to gracefully float through the water.   I can honestly say that I have seen them a million times but never from that angle, above the water.   There was something about being out in the still of the water to put your soul at ease.   Soul cleansing + amazing upper and lower body workout + catching up on my tan = a fun-filled activity on your next beach vacation.   Boards of all sizes available for rent (even for the littlest of YOLO boarders) as well as lessons.

The locals here on the beach host weekly YOLO races.   Teams of women and men compete all over Grayton Beach, Watercolor, Seaside, and the Destin harbor.

I returned home and started researching my future YOLO board purchase- the YOLOYAK, a hybrid YOLO Board and Kayak.   Since then, I have converted about five people to the YOLO concept.   I guess I am now a disciple of YOLO!   Now, I just need that beach house to store my YOLO.   I mean, why not?!   You Only Live Once!

Wish you were here!

-The Hometown Tourist

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