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A heavenly breakfast at the Hibiscus House Bed and Breakfast

by The Hometown Tourist on May 6th, 2010

My mother always said that a good day starts with a good breakfast!   I put this proverb to the test with a homemade breakfast at the Hibiscus House in Grayton Beach, Florida.   Although the menu only contains approximately ten items, I was feeling a little overwhelmed by my options.   By overwhelmed, I mean everything on the menu looked so good that I couldn’t decide!   I inquired about the food on the table next to us and then using my best sales pitch, tried to convince my friend to order the artichoke frittata while I ordered the oatmeal (I’m not refined enough to keep my fork on my own plate.   It wanders from time to time!).   When we made our selections, we proceeded to the front counter to order and the nice lady (I believe she was the owner/manager/head chef/waitress) suggested we get 1/2 of one item and 1/2 of another.   A pick-two option, love it!   I’m pretty sure the heavens opened up and I could hear the angels singing…hal…!   So I was able to indulge in both my artichoke frittata and my oatmeal with fruit sans sharing!   The frittata was pretty amazing but the oatmeal was divine; warm milk poured over oats topped with fresh fruit and pecans.   I’m pretty sure I’ve had dreams about this oatmeal since then!   I hate to admit that I’ve become accustomed to my instant oatmeal and forgot how good real oatmeal taste {brace yourself: life analogy coming…}.   I realized that I’ve traded the good things in life (that come along with patience and time) for a more “instant” lifestyle.   Gasp! Small breakfast price to pay for such an valuable life lesson!

Wish you were here!

-The Hometown Tourist

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