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Sandcastles Reach for the Stars

by S. Lynne on May 31st, 2012

It took eight hours’ hard labor to build “Illumination Castle,” the sand sculpture in the photo posted here. The fanciful creation is the work of “The Sandman,” Rick Mungeam, a former residential home designer turned professional sand sculptor.Illuminated sandcastle on the beach in Seaside, Florida.

“At sunset, we lit the strategically located windows and doors with candles to create a very unique and romantic appearance,” Mungeam said of “Illumination Castle.”

Mungeam, who learned his sculpting skills from Master Sand Sculptor Andy Hancock, began working in sand on South Padre Island, Texas, but has been honing his skills on the Florida Gulf Coast. He works with his wife, Capri, who also does some sand sculpting but considers herself the “behind the sands” marketer for their business, One of the couple’s sons, Marcus, has also joined the company as a Certified SandCastle Coach.

Sand sculpting has become big business in recent years, used for business advertisements, corporate events, engagement proposals, and weddings. The sculptures, essentially just sand and water packed and stacked into shape, generally last for months. Big sculptures such as “Illumination Castle” also incorporate the use of forms to mold the sand before it is shaped and carved.

The Mungeams can be reached through, via Facebook at, or at 303-681-2631.  More information is also available at In addition to creating sand sculptures, the Mungeams also give sculpting lessons to “bring out the child in us all.”


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  1. Oct. 26th, 2012 is creating a marriage proposal sand sculpture on the beach below Finz in Sandestin today beginning around 1:00, completion around 5:00, proposal around 5:30. Come diwn and join us, its going to be a great beach day.

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