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The Heat Is On!

by The Hometown Tourist on May 27th, 2011

Is it hot out here or is my credit card burning a hole in my pocket?

I realize that for most, Spring Fever means getting that “itch” to blow off work and hit the beach.   To me, the itch is in the form of a little bite from the shopping bug.   I have found that the Rx for this is a strong dose of serious, hard-core shopping.   I started my daily dose of medicine a few days back when I invited my very pregnant friend on a “walk” (she wasn’t aware that I desperately needed to revamp my summer wardrobe).   I tricked her into this walk and told her I need to write a blog posting for and needed to “experience” different stores.   I   continued to explain to her that I am paid to write about my experiences and this is research that I have to conduct for “work”.   Man, pregnant women are gullible!!   We grabbed our Starbucks and started our journey in Seaside, FL. I eased her into this excursion by first stopping at the cutest little kiddy shop, Duckies.

I told her that this stop was for her and we would look for little girly thing’ies for her new baby.   What I didn’t realize is, that I may end up enjoying this shop more than Madam Preggers.   This is the cutest little novelty shop full of toys, clothing, baby tutu’s, candy, ruffly-butt bloomers (soooo stinkin’ cute) and even a line of maternity tops and diaper bags.   I just adored this shop and need to find a small child to take with me so I have an excuse to go again.   I wondered how many times the store employee’s hear “omg, that is so cute” in the course of one day.

Next stop:   Perspicasity

I always have to stop through this outdoor marketplace to refill my bohemian apparel.   One of my dearest friends once told me that my fashion style was “beachy”.   My interpretation of that comment was that my style represented a very free-spirit, cottony, flowy look which was a compliment to my inner surf girl spirit.   I walked away with two of these beach sarongs (which I searched all over Mexico for and now found them right down the road) which can be worn in a variety of ways.   I wore mine yesterday and literally came up with a minimum of three ways to wear this.   Last night, I sported the “I feel bloated and need a loose sheet wrapped across my body” look.   I looked cute despite feeling inflated like a beach ball.   There are few garments that can pull-off such a feat.   Hence the reason I purchased two.   Worth. Every. Penny!

Snap Tween

I have a tween daughter.   If you have one, too, you know they have a…..unique….style!   It’s an ongoing battle to satisfy both mom and daughter simultaneously (they say it doesn’t get easier until daughter is mid-twenties.   God bless us!).   I’ve had the opposite experience at Snap Tween.   Cute little dresses and apparel as well as novelty accessories.   And tweens looooove accessories!   Charm bracelets, charm flip flops (think Croc jewels only for flip-flops), hot pink earphones, and peace-sign sunglasses.   I had just as much fun in this store as my tween, which I thought would be impossible!

Next stop:   Pier Park (just give me a day to cool down my credit card)!

Wish you were here!

-The Hometown Tourist

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